HTC Service Center Becomes a Service for Information On Various Issues
HTC Service Center Becomes a Service for Information On Various Issues

HTC Service Center Becomes a Service for Information On Various Issues

HTC service center is one of the best services for its best customers. HTC is a mobile phone product that already exists in Indonesia and is one of the most popular people. Although some people still don’t really know, but this one communication tool has also become the best brand.

For indonesia itself htc brand phone was released in 2008 with the first product named T-Mobile G. Although still new in Indonesia, but it is undeniable that many have recognized it to love it. Certainly at this time is not inferior to even famous brands.

The features are also sophisticated and certainly facilitate in everything. This product comes from Taiwan which has spread to several countries, especially in Indonesia. Although it is now too well known to the public, but now it is still in production. Although it used to be successful but now it has dimmed.

HTC service center is a service to meet the needs of its customers regarding its products. It used to be a well-known product along with blackberry. At this time it is possible that Android is inspired by the existence of this HTC phone. But many people have proven that this product is still competing.

Even so, this product is still experiencing its best innovation so that consumers are interested in the features it offers. Though this phone also produces the latest with the same advantages as famous brands. That is the availability of technology by carrying 5G, you can try it.

HTC Phone Trivia You Need to Know

There are so many who do not know the advantages of this one mobile phone that is not inferior to famous brands. However, because maybe other mobile phone marketing is better so that this brand dims even more. Though this product is one of the current development of android. For that choose according to his needs.

If you are currently using this phone, then if later there are obstacles, you can contact htc service center or visit the official store directly. No need to hesitate, because it has developed and has advanced features like other androids. Use your phone as best you can and you shouldn’t overdo it.

Here are some of these legendary mobile phone trivia that you must know and the advantages it has.

  1. Build a company and pioneer it

This smart gadget is built from a very high effort. It was once a well-known brand in its time. Furthermore, it has also failed, all of it has been experienced. Even in the united states once bought and cooperated with this gadget up to 2.2 million dollars.

This happened in 2005, but it was reported that in 2018 he suffered a considerable loss of up to 337 dollars. This is a consideration for making investments and investments. In order not to experience severe bankruptcy.

  1. The first phone to be released using windows OS

Furthermore, it also creates gadgets based on windows. This attracted a few people and became the first thing to create a windows OS phone. Eventually they sold the gadget to Europe and China. In 2008 then entered Indonesia and became the most advanced mobile phone of his time.

And in its first output, it has managed to sell about 1 million units. It was the best achievement to reproduce it and develop it. Likewise, it has the best HTC service center .

Htc’s Best Android Performance in America

As explained that this phone was successful in its time and has high profits, especially sales in this modern country. His first sale alone was a profit of up to $2.2 million. Furthermore, in 2011 resale rose to about 5.7 million units sold. Then it continues to grow until now.

Even at that time apple manufacturers could be invincible. This proves that the production in that year was very successful and successful. In addition, they also created htc service service center that makes the united states trust as an advanced gadget in its time. Being the first best production even beat Samsung.

In addition, this product is also the first custom screen innovation. At that time with the appearance and advantages possessed has become evidence that this product is the most sophisticated among others. In addition, this smartphone manufacturer always provides its innovations to attract the public and be adjusted by its times.

But at this time a lot of smartphone manufacturers began to develop and rival one of these first androids. Next, the manufacturer of this phone creates a camera that is no less charming. In 2014 by carrying a dual camera must be the best innovation as an example of android today.

If you have an HTC gadget then be proud because it became the first manufacturer of the most advanced communication tools to date. If you experience problems in its use then you can contact HTC service center easily. Because it is spread to several areas, you no longer need to worry.

Some HTC Service Center Numbers in Indonesia

Because now there are also many who use smart gadgets, then of course some areas are still available official service centers. In 2019 it was also rumored that the manufacturer HTC is recreating innovations for its phones. Therefore, if there is a problem on your phone, do not worry.

Some HTC Service center numbers can be a reference later can overcome your phone with original parts. As in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Jogjakarta, Manado, Makassar, Pontianak. You can contact the one closest to where you live.

  1. In Jakarta with jl address. Mount Sahari raya with the number (021) 4203388 or 4209955. In addition to the address, there are still several official stores.
  2. Then the one in Bandung with the address jl. Naripan 109B bandung, west Java. The number is (022) 4230424 or 91513834.
  3. In Semarang the address is jl. Brig. Gen. slamet riyadi No. 08 Semarang with number (024) 7610911.
  4. For the Jogjakarta area has the address Jogjakarta mall Lt.1 phone number (0274) 556804.
  5. The makassar area address is on Jl. Sulawesi No. 65 for telephone number (0411) 3616173.
  6. Manado, the address is on Jl. Piere Tendean with phone number (0431) 8880331.
  7. Pontianak area is Jl.Hijas No. 188, West Kalimantan phone number (0561) 7008188.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Gadget

When choosing a gadget, of course, you will look for advantages and interesting features. With this is intended to be a reference in choosing a smartphone. Needs are also important when making choices. Because each unit certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In choosing the latest gadgets should not buy gadgets that have been released 3 years ago. Because of course there are still many innovations in the future. For example, in certain applications using the latest system model. Then it will be ensured that your smartphone cannot install the application.

Thus, determine the choice of smartphone that is sophisticated and according to your needs. Do not rely on prestige and high prices, because it is not necessarily in accordance with you. Your best option will certainly make it comfortable and safe. And use gadgets as wisely as possible. If you are using a problem, then consult the HTC service center.